HMC-4 is made up of three committees. HMC-4 is the main Oil Transportation Measurement Committee, HMC-4A is the Crude Oil Marine Transportation Database Committee and HMC-4B is the Petroleum Products Marine Transportation Database Committee.

Membership of the main HMC-4 committee is open to all organizations involved in oil transportation with a broad and ongoing involvement with measurement and who are prepared to contribute to Committee activities. The Committee is involved with improvement and development of standards and procedures. This work is frequently carried out jointly with the API. Representatives of the API, Intertanko, OCIMF, IBIA, EBOTA, inspection companies (TIC - IFIA), pipeline companies and terminal operators are regular invitees to meetings.

Membership of the A committee is dependant on submission of voyage data for analysis. The analysis is carried out on a strictly confidential basis. Members receive a global report covering all data together with an individual company report and a comparative report which allows comparison of company losses by crude grade with those experienced by the rest of the members. The B committee operates on a similar basis, collecting data from members annually for analysis with a view to developing benchmark figures for losses.

Oil Transportation Measurement Committee

There is no fee for attendance/membership of the HMC-4 committee.

There are two meetings per year and although members find attendance very useful and informative it is not necessary to attend all the meetings. A number of companies are happy to participate by submitting data and receiving reports and minutes but attend very few meetings due to travel difficulties etc.

For more information on membership please contact the Energy Institute on +44 (0) 207 467 7127

Crude Oil Database Committee - HMC-4A

Data is submitted at the end of January each year. Reports are issued in March/April. There is an annual charge to cover preparation of the report, meeting minutes etc. which will be around USD2500 for 2023. The report is included as part of the membership package for Partners of the Energy Institute. 

The latest article is available on our publications page.

Products Database Committee - HMC-4B

This group has been collecting and analysing data for marine transport of products for some years and has developed benchmark losses for the main classes of product. A published article with the group's findings is available on the publications page. The benchmarks were compared with 2018 data in 2019 and no significant changes were noted.